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The 40 Yard Blueprint
Drop Your 40 Time 3, 4, even 6+ Tenths With This Workout**
Join the workout program that has solved "slow feet" problems for thousands of athletes across over 50 countries.

Becoming A Top Athlete is About Setting Yourself Apart From The Rest.

Have You Ever Been Told, "You Can't Train To Be Fast, You Are Either Born With It Or You're Not?" This is a HUGE 

misconception. The Best Way To Get Faster Is To Do The Right Exercises, At The Right Times, The Right Way!

When People In Your Area Think Of Football, You Want Them To Think Your Name, Being Fast Is Step #1

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What This Revolutionary 40 Yard Blueprint System Has...
The 40 Yard Blueprint
The 40 Yard Blueprint is built to make you the fastest Football player possible. We give you the exact sets, reps, and exercises you need to be adding to your training regimen.  

Finally break through that barrier and become the fastest, strongest, and most elite athlete you could possibly become. You won't want to stop once you start. 

40 Yard X's and O's
We breakdown exactly how you should be testing your 40 time. Trust me, it's not what you think. Most of you are simply lining up 40 yards away, and testing your time. These 4 unique ways to test your 40 time will revolutionize the way you train/test forever.

The videos walk you through each step and help you analyze your weaknesses to turn them into strengths.

14 Sprint Variations
This bonus program offers you never seen before speed and sprint variations to take your training to the next level. Regardless if you need to work on acceleration, first step quickness, or deceleration, we have 14 Sprint variations customized to your strength/weaknesses.  

Simply pick 3 new sprints each workout and watch what happens to your 40 time within just a few days.

Not only does having good posture get you girls (LOL) ... It will help you in every facet of your game. These simple exercises will help with vertebrae tension, which will help you stand an inch or two taller. 

Tight hips are a HUGE problem among most athletes. In this bonus we show you how to loosen them up in order to become a more explosive athlete. Don't let your hip flexibility hold you down.

If you find yourself with a slow 40 time, then form is most likely one of the key contributors. Having correct form can shave tenths off your 40. This bonus shows you proper form for running and how to improve it.

Getting the extra power from your calves in the right manner can add inches to your vertical and explosiveness to your running. That extra push will help you explode out of the blocks and get you a longer stride -- the result ... a faster 40.

Cliche time...80% of your training happens in the kitchen. If you want to be properly fueled, if you want to be lean, then you need to start incorporating some of these snacks into your daily meal plan. 

Injury prevention is ESSENTIAL to maintain and become a ELITE athlete. If you aren't stretching the right way then you are being held back. This bonus will give you step-by-step instructions to become more flexible and agile through your cool-down.

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Why do we do this? We are confident in the program and believe that if you follow it, then you will see results and you WILL love it. 
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